GlobalStrategists, established in 1992, is a consulting boutique, specialized in International Business Development & Marketing for the MedTech, BioTech, CleanTech and AgriTech industries.

We assist start-up and emergent companies with the development and inception of a viable and successful business in new markets and countries.

We also assist companies that are planning to expand their territorial markets or are looking for new products, technologies, or strategic partners, be it for investment, marketing or distribution purposes.

Our Vision

To establish close and long-term working relationships with our clients, and to become an important element in their quest for success.

Our Mission

To offer our clients independent and unbiased advice and support with a focus on marketing, and to empower them to reach their goals.

Our Capabilities

Corporate management, marketing, international business development, entrepreneurship, innovation, MarCom, coaching and education.

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Our services.

Market Intelligence

Intelligence is not only the collection of information, but also the ability to apply that knowledge to what you (plan to) offer your clients.

Obtaining intelligence is not a one-time undertaking, but a continual process of learning about and staying ahead of your competition, understanding the pain (problems) and needs of your customers, being in the loop of market changes and trends, and being ready and capable to respond to market opportunities and solve user problems and needs with the best, safest and most affordable solution.

Market and competitive intelligence is obtained from your target markets and the (potential) users of your product, not from generic (often outdated) research reports, phone interviews or Internet surveys.

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Marketing Strategies

An effective Marketing Strategy helps you focus your efforts on initiatives that are key to the success of your business. To bring a product to market, whether it is a new product, a new application of an existing product, or a new market, you need to have a Marketing Strategy on which to base your tactical decisions.

Marketing Strategy is ultimately about bringing the right message to the right person at the right time. To ensure you execute effective programs to attract customers and partners, a solid Marketing Strategy will keep you on course.

The first step toward creating an
optimized Strategic Marketing Plan is to ensure good Strategy and tactical Planning, for nothing will make up for a bad Strategy, a limited Value Proposition, or a lack of customer understanding.

More about Marketing Strategies

Marketing Plan

A Marketing Plan is necessary for both those intending to start a new venture, and established businesses that want to expand or pursue a new endeavour.

Essentially, a Marketing Plan is a guide to what your business will do, what you aim to achieve, how you will accomplish this, and most importantly, whether you have the ability to do so.

It is of particular importance if you are starting a new business as it is a way to formalise, structure, and therefore assess the viability of your ideas.

Applying for funding from banks, VCs, business angels, grant providers or potential partners will require the submission of a business plan, of which your Marketing Plan is an essential part.

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Distribution Network

Finding the right distributor is a time-consuming effort, and often a matter of trial & error. Distributors do not flock to you, or present themselves on a silver platter. Even after you have found a distributor, it requires a lot of work to get them started, motivated, and to generate sales.

The toughest part is to persuade distributors to work with you. How do you get a complete stranger in a foreign land to market and promote your novel product?

Identifying, evaluating, incentivizing and training distributors is an intense undertaking. It can take months or years before a distributor can be self-sufficient and profitable. Managing a distribution network is an on-going activity.

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We give presentations on topics such as innovation, marketing, business relationship building, and more. We create tailor-made presentations from scratch, or refine the presentations you already have.

We coach on how to present to your specific types of audience, be it investors, medical professionals, scientists, engineers, technicians, customers, buyers or users. A presentation is a performance to make your audience remember you.

Presentations must inform, engage, move, persuade and empower your audience. The presenter is the presentation. The presentation is a mere tool to present. We can coach you how to be a memorable presenter.

Example: "Tackling Investors"

Inside Insight

If you are considering an investment, merger, acquisition, technology transfer, licensing deal or strategic partnership, you need an unbiased and unrestricted insight into the target company, its management, technology and/or innovative ideas.

We are experienced in carrying out detailed evaluations of a company, its employees, products, services and the markets it serves.

We call this service “Inside Insight”, obtaining data by working inside the company and with its employees for the time it takes to gather a complete picture of the strengths & weaknesses of the company, its status, products and potentials. In addition, we investigate the markets it serves, or plans to enter.

More about Inside Insight

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Some of our past Clients.

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About us.

GlobalStrategists is a consulting boutique with seasoned professionals and partners that have proven, international experience in the MedTech, BioTech, CleanTech and AgriTech industries.

Our partners have set up their own start-ups, established & managed local subsidiaries of multinational corporations, directed marketing divisions, managed sales forces, clinical specialists and technicians, developed marketing campaigns for private practices, owned and operated their own start-ups and distribution companies, helped build and supervise manufacturing plants, and developed and organized training programs, workshops and medical symposia.

We have been engaged for long-term assignments, short-term projects, and specific tasks, and we have been employed in interim executive positions.

Why Most Startups Fail

The startup scene is not unacquainted with failure. It is an expected and accepted part of entrepreneurship. Failure is usually due to a combination of factors, the Top Five being:

1. No Market Need: 42%
Nearly half of startups failed because there was just no demand for their product in the market – if the market was known. Sounds odd, but too many startups hardly have a grasp of their target markets. Needs research starts when ideas develop. Needs are monitored during product development, which must be adapted accordingly, and continues during the whole life cycle of a product. Needs research and customer relations are most important aspects that are part of Marketing, a much neglected, misunderstood or ignored necessity.

2. Lack of Funds: 29%
Almost a third of businesses failed because they never managed to raise sufficient or any funds at all. On average 1 in 300 startups get funded. It all has to do with homework: know your target markets and potential users inside out. That can only be done if serious time and efforts are spent investigating and analyzing the market physically: see, hear, feel, smell and touch. Not by sitting indoors or meandering through the Internet. What make investors pay attention are knowledge, understanding, evidence, and of course ROI.

3. Team Problems: 23%
Almost a quarter of startups failed because of weaknesses in their management team. First of all, a startup requires entrepreneurship. Nobody is born an entrepreneur, but the spirit must be there: being all ears, enthusiasm, dedication and perseverance. Starting and running a startup isn’t a hobby or sidekick. It’s an all-time job that allows little sleep, little free time and serious bootstrapping. [continued]

Secondly, a team of only techies, docs or masterminds is not enough. To set up a business requires entrepreneurship, marketing and financial skills. If not present, hire the best, or at least use professional outside advice.

4. Outcompeted: 19%
Around a fifth of startups failed because they were beaten by competition. Too often startups are paranoid about their IP, holding everything wrapped in secrecy, scared to talk about their great ideas, and hence not having the finger on the pulse. Innovation, however, is all about marketing, and marketing is derived from the word “market”. If you are not sure about the viability, salability and uniqueness of your product, drop your plans right now. Besides, investors ask: “What are the barriers for others to do/make the same?” If copycats can potentially ruin your plans, think twice.

5. Financial chaos: 18%
Most common problem on the financial side: too optimistic about how easy it will be to acquire customers. The assumption that customers will beat a path to your door is fantasy. If the Cost of Acquiring Customers (CAC) is actually higher than their Life Time Value (LTV) – or worse even, if you have no clue – then it’s obvious that you have to figure out how to acquire customers for less money than they will generate in value of the lifetime of your relationship with them. Very few startups consider this important issue before it’s too late.

Selling solutions and benefits to solve customer problems should be a startup’s mission. The key to customer satisfaction is to uncover customer problems and pains, anticipate their wants, deliver what they need, and to assist them in doing their job better, faster, easier and/or more efficiently. This is called Branding: “To promise what you can deliver and to deliver on that promise”.

Our Team

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Why Use Us?

Experience & Expertise

We offer you expertise and a long, diverse experience that may not be available in your company today. We could hold the missing piece of expertise that can complete the jigsaw of incomplete solutions or solve your dilemmas. We can pass our skills and knowledge on to your regular staff, even to new employees that can “take over” our job, and whom we can help you hire, train and support in getting started.

Easy to Hire & Fire

We can be easily engaged and dismissed, making us your perfect short-term asset. This allows you to maintain your core staff without adding new employees, especially in these times of financial hardships. Once we have completed our assignment, you don't have to go through all the problems and hurt feelings involved in laying off regular employees: the end of our contract is the end. Unless you wish to retain us for additional assignments.


Highly skilled, freelance professionals are often more productive than in-house staff. We have many years of solid experience to draw on. We do not simply provide expertise, we have experience in providing and using our expertise. We are veterans that are not distracted by inside company policies or outside concerns. We have acquired a healthy work ethic, obtained in many corporate environments, countries and cultures.

Cost Avoidance

Using consultants at the beginning of a project, for the introduction of a new product or technology, in case of a reorganization, merger or acquisition, or a change in your company’s mission or goals, can often save thousands of Euros down the road. Good consultants have seen what works and what does not work. After you add in hiring, overhead and management costs, employee training and benefits, engaging a consultant is often less expensive. Our fees are all-inclusive: no surprises, and easier to budget.

What we have done over the past 23 years

  • We worked in (interim) executive positions, establishing, reorganizing and/or managing corporations, marketing & sales departments.
  • We assisted companies with the establishment of distribution networks.
  • We concluded market and competitive intelligence assignments.
  • We investigated and evaluated problematic or underperforming subsidiary companies and distributors.
  • We gave 3rd opinions on candidates for executive positions.
  • We acted as sounding board for management to critique and discuss ideas, thoughts and plans.
  • We completed marketing due diligence assignments.
  • We wrote marketing and business plans.
  • We created and gave investor presentations and marketing lectures.
  • We participated in roadshows for investors in Europe, Japan, Singapore and USA.
  • We linked buyers with sellers of technologies and licenses.
  • We organized training programs, workshops and symposia.

    "Sample of past consulting assignments"

    "Sample of past market & competitive intelligence assignments"

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